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Lars Rothschild Henriksen

Lars Rothschild Henriksen (formerly Lars Ottesen Henriksen)
Odense C, Denmark
+45 22163289 or


CEO, partner in GTDnordic Danmark

Lars is CEO and partner in GTDnordic Danmark, the exclusive franchisee for Getting Things Done® (GTD) in Denmark. Furthermore he is Denmark’s only certified Getting Things Done® (GTD) Trainer offering seminars for companies and individuals for people interested in learning the art of stress free productivity. To learn more, please go to or write to me directly Alternatively, you can visit the Danish GTD User Group on LinkedIn, watch our video about GTD in 2 minutes (in Danish) or see the official website for more information. For Danish GTD’ers or anyone else interested in GTD, we also arrange recurring meetings (“Meetups”) in both Copenhagen and Aarhus, which you can find here and here respectively.



eeTaskeeTask Logo

Lars is the owner and primary developer of eeTask. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter (eeTask) / Twitter (nfrmtn)





This page was formerly used as a company page for Lars Henriksen Consulting, Lars’ personal consulting business, which is now closed to focus on the above.

Lars Ottesen Henriksen